Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Socks On, Socks Off.

Ahhh....The stay at home mom life....you know: The luxurious showers, watching soap operas all day, eating bon bons...I mean, that's what we do, right? WRONG! It's officially day two, though I've been home with the boys since June when summer break began. My little Liam struggled a lot with speech and over the summer he's made significant gains. Over the summer he also turned three, so I though we were past the "terrible two" stage I was so fearful of. Yes, we're in the clear! Age three is nothing but sugar and spice and....TANTRUMS OUT THE WAZOO. 

Someone once told me they called age three "threeteen" and now I know why. Coby is almost thirteen and seriously not as moody as the three year old. Any mention of the word "no" on my part immediately brings a frown, and vigorous rubbing of the eyes to squeeze out as many tears as possible.  Usually not many appear, but the howling that follows makes up for the lack of eye-liquid. Then it's the "cling to mommy and make a big scene" stage, followed by our latest game of "socks on, socks off."  

Allow me to explain this game. It's quite funny the first 10 times-especially since I don't take Liam's tantrums seriously.  It starts out with me saying no to something. It then proceeds with Liam taking his socks off in protest. Now he still hasn't learned to put his socks on yet, and so the game begins. "Socks on!" Liam yells. The socks go on. "Socks offffffffffff!" He shrieks as he takes his socks off.  Ten seconds pass.  "NonononononononoNO! Socks ON!" And it goes on like this a few more times until I get sick of the game and take the socks away for good. More crying and shrieking ensues, which I ignore, and 5 minutes later it's all over. Fun game, huh? 

So today, in between preschool, lunch, occupational therapy, and home, we had one such game. Not too bad, eh? But then again it's early still. 

So let's recap: Showers-none.  Soap operas-none. Bonbons-none. Tantrums-one, so far, and I consider myself lucky! 

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