Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Let's Go Canes!

When you spend a lot of time with someone, especially your own kid, it's sometimes difficult to see change. Ever since I've had the privilege of staying home with Liam (aside from the 3 hours he's in school 4 mornings a week) I've noticed a lot of growth and progress, but certainly not as much as other see. Time and time again I've been told that he talks more, he engages more, he speaks more clearly...So I've started documenting more, paying more attention, even taking some more videos. Sure enough, it's been 3 weeks since school started and my Little is doing SO well!

For starters, his speech is improving both in content and articulation. Liam is now putting 2 and 3 words together consistently. He's saying things like "Liam's turn," or "mommy's turn" (though it's hardly ever mommy's turn in anything except when it's mommy's turn to eat a food Liam refuses to try.) In school they read a couple of the Pete the Cat books, and made a book with the kid's pictures to take home. A few days ago Liam pulled me over to the book ("Come Ah-mee") and pointed to a photo and said "What dat?" I just about fell over. He clearly meant "Who is that" but who cares? He asked me a question!!!! 

Also, the other day he pooped and said "I smell poop." I replied with "I smell poop too!" He then ran to my room and brought out a diaper, pulled down his pants, and "assumed the position" on the floor. So we're just beginning to potty train, because in the interest of full disclosure, I was/am scared to start, Liam didn't really care if he was wet or dirty, and I have more things to push with Liam than potty training-speech, eating independently, fine motor, appropriate play, etc. But he seems to be getting closer to being ready now. I attribute that to his amazing preschool teachers.

Another area Liam is improving in is his play skills.He's developing more spontaneous pretend play! For the first time ever, he picked up a phone a few days ago and pretended to talk into it! Tonight in the bath he picked up a Yo Gabba Gabba character and sang "Happy Birthday": to him and had him blow out the candles! 

So many good things! And big brother Coby has been a HUGE factor in helping Liam thrive and grow. Lately Coby is able to get Liam engaged, and can play with him for a long time. Liam loves Coby and listens to him. So Coby actually taught him something really really awesome! Up until about a week ago, if we would say "Hi Liam." He would reply with "Hi Liam." Very echolailic. Coby really wanted Liam to learn reciprocal conversation, so he practiced with Liam tirelessly for days! Then one evening Coby said "Hi Liam!" And Liam looked at Coby and said "Hi Coby!" Then I said "Hi Liam." And Liam replied with "Hi Liam!"  He only did it correctly for Coby! So Coby kept working with Liam and a few days later, something clicked and Liam GOT IT! We are now at a point where we can say hi, bye, good morning, good night, and I love you, and he'll say it back with our correct name (So he'll say "I love you, mommy!"- Talk about melt your heart!!!).


Another thing Coby taught Liam is hockey! I'll admit: We are a hockey family. We love our Caroline Hurricanes and took Liam to his very first game a couple of weeks ago (an exhibition game so we could try it out to see how he'd do.). And Liam did fantastic! He cheered and sang and sat and watched for a whole period. Now he asks to watch hockey on TV and nomatter what team is playing, will shout "Let's Go Canes!" 

If this is the amount of progress made in less than a month of school and me staying home with him, I cannot wait to see what the future has in store! It's going to be amazing!!!!

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