Monday, October 14, 2013

Vacation Vacation Vacation...

As much as I love being a mom and have truly enjoyed being a stay-at-home-mom so far, going away with Brian was nice! I never understood parents who pride themselves on never ever leaving their kids-as if they deserve a medal for martyrdom. I know some parents who never leave their kids even for a couple of hours, let alone 5 days like Brian and I just did. Now I will admit that having my parents here to help is a huge factor in us feeling comfortable leaving the kids. But we have regular babysitters as well for date nights or special occasions. The truth is that every parent needs some time for themselves, and time with each other, to reconnect and maintain your sanity. I believe that I am a better parent when I am well-rested and happy. 

So after five days away in Seattle (my new favorite city), Brian and I came back to very happy kids. Sure, they missed us (some), but they LOVED being with Safta and Saba (grandma and grandpa.) We came back to a report of ZERO tantrums from the little one. I believe it, too! Whenever he does tantrum and I can't get him out of it, what do I do? I facetime my mom and she is able to work her magic and calm Liam down. I sometimes need an ego boost after, but it's worth having the calm kid! 

As I type this, the "calm kid," who is supposed to be napping, is sitting up in bed (he never ever gets out of bed without permission) singing at the top of his lungs and it's so darn cute!!!! So he didn't nap today. But I got my 30 minutes of sort of relaxation in. Time to get him up, I suppose! 

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