Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

So I won't say the reason I haven't blogged in over a year is that my laptop isn't working. I will say that getting a keyboard for my iPad really helped motivate me to start blogging again! Since it'll be incredibly hard to summarize the last year in detail, I'll give the highlights.

We went to Israel in November of 2013 for Coby's Bar Mitzvah.  It was an amazing experience that we will all remember for the rest of our lives.  When we got back, my stepfather was diagnosed with cancer. After a difficult battle he passed away in June of 2014. It was a devastating time which we are still trying to recover from.  Meanwhile, the kids have been doing fantastically.  Coby is in 8th grade and getting ready to audition for the NC School of the Arts in French Horn! This means he'll be at a boarding school 2 hours away. We are all so excited for him, but I honestly dread his going away because I'll miss him so much! But more on that later. And Liam is thriving and talking and being more and more social every day. Now we just need to get him to potty train and we'll be golden. But more on that later too!

So that about summarizes our year, and we are all looking forward to 2015! Happy New Year!!!!!

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